Frank Schmischke

Frank Schmischke
General Manager

„You cannot discover new continents without the courage to loose sight of old coasts.“
(André Guide about courage)

You have to decide: Are you a Frontrunner- a Co-maker - or an Imitator? So it takes courage to change - with you and with me, as a passionate entrepreneur.

The Bonies Media Group S.L. (founded in 2017) was acquired by us in 2019 with the goal of successfully implementing sustainable energy optimization for companies with high energy requirements.

After graduating and earning my Diploma in Business Administration, I started at the age of 23, a career as an Independent Financial Advisor, to advise and support clients with an holistic approach. I spent 15 years in this position and 12 years as a trainer in multidisciplinary Financial Consulting. I obtained an additional degree as Certified Financial Planner® (CFP). I performed two years as a Director specialized in Wealth and Asset Protection. It‘s now time for a bold move.

Why is the head office in Spain?

  1. The previous headquarters were already in Palma de Mallorca.
  2. The energy efficiency and hours of sunshine are ideal.
  3. Additionally to our German home market, in March 2019, a Royal Decree proclaimed that sustainable energies in Spain will have a greater weight until 2030, than German climate policy objectives foresee.

Our Portfolio

Thanks to innovative concepts, you can only win with us. Meanwhile, PV technology is profitable, economical and sustainable, which was still in early stages a few years ago.


Energy audit for SMEs

75% of the buildings are energy inefficient. With an audit, you can achieve concrete results and discover potential for improvement (for example: innovative LED concepts or possibly simply an electricity tariff optimization). As an SME you receive 80% of the consulting costs (only in Germany).


Photovoltaic - Systems

We advise you on options for your roof or open spaces. We provide the independent implementation. After 5-8 years your investment is already back and you‘ll enjoy lifetime of 25 -30 years.
Energy costs ↘︎ = Profit ↘︎ = ESG-Profile ↘︎


Roof Areas - Marketing

Not interested in investing! We have an answer for you: With 1,000 square meters of roof space you can generate additional revenue and reduce your energy costs by up to 40 %. After 3 years, on request, you can take over the plant and reduce your energy costs to almost zero. (currently only in Germany)

You do not need to find us. We will find you!

Time is money and you do not want to wait!

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